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Service of computer equipment

Trace services

Service of computer equipment

We provide full life-cycle support for hardware from various vendors.

Hardware support and service services cover the full range of proven preventive and diagnostic services, troubleshooting and repairs on both hardware and software.

Servicing of computer equipment includes:

In order to successfully service computer equipment, it is important that it is carried out regularly and professionally, and that high-quality spare parts and software accessories are used.

This ensures that your computer equipment will always work optimally, without interruptions and with minimal risk of data loss.

Servicing of computer equipment may be tied to a maintenance contract. Customers with a maintenance contract have priority in servicing and thus greater responsiveness.
Opinions of our customers

“We are satisfied with the Trace WMS system, as in the very first year of usage, we have achieved results that only a few companies can boast of, and those are usually much more experienced in warehouse operations. During the annual inventory in the warehouse, there were no discrepancies, which completely surprised me, as until this year, I believed it to be a myth, something unattainable. However, this is just further evidence that we have truly designed the warehouse workflow system very well.”

Gregor Mavrič

Gregor Mavrič

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