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Planning and implementation of IT infrastructure

Trace services

Planning and implementation of IT infrastructure

With the aim of providing effective and flexible information technology, we help customers to establish modern and reliable IT environments.

Our service covers the entire life cycle of the IT infrastructure,, including:


We develop an IT infrastructure strategy together with you, taking into account your business needs, security requirements, performance, scalability and user experience. We create detailed plans for the network, servers, data storage, security systems and other key elements.


After planning, we carry out installation, configuration and integration procedures of all necessary components. Our team focuses on accurate and reliable execution to ensure the proper functioning of your IT infrastructure. We also monitor the transition process and carry out the necessary tests.


After implementation, we can also offer you IT infrastructure management services. This includes performance monitoring, capacity management, maintenance, upgrades and support.

Regardless of the size or industry of your company, we are your reliable partner for planning and implementing IT infrastructure.

We are committed to providing solutions that enable you to improve productivity, reduce costs and achieve your IT goals.

Opinions of our customers

“We are satisfied with the Trace WMS system, as in the very first year of usage, we have achieved results that only a few companies can boast of, and those are usually much more experienced in warehouse operations. During the annual inventory in the warehouse, there were no discrepancies, which completely surprised me, as until this year, I believed it to be a myth, something unattainable. However, this is just further evidence that we have truly designed the warehouse workflow system very well.”

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Gregor Mavrič

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