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We have solutions

For different types of industries

Metal processing industry

Controlling different product variants, manufacturing process variants, product certificates, serial numbers, batching, recording measurements, monitoring bottlenecks, accurate consumption of materials and hours per work order are just some of the demands we face in production.

Tool making

In the tool industry, customers primarily want information about the execution of work orders for an individual project. In this way, they can take action in case of deviation from the agreed deadlines. Tool shops need data on hours spent and materials for post-calculation.

Wholesale store

Large, medium and small rack warehouses with manual manipulation, quick acceptance and quick commissioning of shipments, easy labeling of shipments for customers, declaration, GTIN and SSCC, etc. document exchange are just some of the challenges faced by companies in this industry.

Chemical industry

Process work orders, batches of products, lots, production dates, validity dates, traceability of used raw materials… are just some of the requirements that can be easily solved with our solutions.

Electrical engineering industry

Recording the exact consumption of material and the work performed enables information on traceability from the KTL box of the products we delivered to the customer to the materials incorporated in these products and the suppliers of these materials.

Logistics and storage

Specialized companies that perform logistics and warehousing for others can use our solution to provide additional services (declaration, labeling, easy production) in addition to optimizing delivery and thus create added value.

Foundry industry

Batches, certificates for products, used materials, chemical and mechanical measurements, monitoring the production of models and nuclear reactors are some of the requirements we have encountered and successfully solved.

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