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Who we are

Trace Solutions is one of the leading providers of comprehensive IT solutions on the Slovenian market. We are certainly the right choice when you are looking for a partner to provide business and information services.
We achieve this by combining the superior knowledge of experts who are in constant contact with the latest solutions and the most modern information technology on all platforms.

We are only satisfied with the best, but even that can be improved. Every functionality, no matter how good, can be improved.
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We exist because of demanding customers. We accept the requests of our customers as an opportunity for progress.
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Seamless, fast and efficient implementation of our solutions. Our solutions introduced with a dot on the "i". We solve all the requirements that we find in the implementation process.
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Short response times for our customers' requests. In the phase of using our solutions, we prioritize solving the requirements of our customers.
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Visions and mission

How we think

Our mission is to help our customers create a successful future.
Our values ​​are deeply rooted in our unique company culture.

Our vision is to become a globally present business technology company with excellent business knowledge and a portfolio that will solve the most demanding business and technology challenges of our customers.

Our common responsibility is the environment and sustainable development.

Get to know

Our leadership

Marjan Kralj

Director and co-founder

Boštjan Kosi

Director and co-founder, head of software development

Meet our customers

Our customers trust us

Trace BS d.o.o.

Tax number SI: 71810412
Registration number: 2238896000
Taxpayer: Yes (SI71810412)
Number of employees: 5 do 9 employees
Enrollment date: 11. 12. 2006
Activity: Computing and informatics

SI56 0215 1025 6183 249
(opened on 28 November 2006, NLB d.d., TRACE BS BUSINESS SOLUTIONS D.O.O.)

Trace IS d.o.o.

Tax number SI: 74117343
Registration number: 2047969000
Taxpayer: Yes (SI74117343)
Number of employees: 3 ali 4 employees
Enrollment date: 7. 1. 2005
Activity: Computing and informatics

SI56 0215 1025 4879 763
(opened on 28 December 2004, NLB d.d., TRACE IS INFORMATION SOLUTIONS D.O.O.)

SI56 6000 0000 0451 897
(opened on October 8, 2014, LON, d.d., Kranj, Trace IS information solutions d.o.o.)

What do they think of us?

Our customers

“We are satisfied with the Trace WMS system, as in the very first year of usage, we have achieved results that only a few companies can boast of, and those are usually much more experienced in warehouse operations. During the annual inventory in the warehouse, there were no discrepancies, which completely surprised me, as until this year, I believed it to be a myth, something unattainable. However, this is just further evidence that we have truly designed the warehouse workflow system very well.”

Get in touch

Opekarniška cesta 5
2270 Ormož
Slovenija, EU

Phone: +386 (0)2 741 17 61
E – mail: