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Solchem ​​d.o.o.: The warehouse should be managed by Trace.WMS

At Solchem, with the introduction of the Trace.WMS system for warehouse operations, they achieved what many companies consider an unattainable ideal - the absence of inventory surpluses and shortages. The company Solchem ​​d.o.o., the leading Slovenian distributor of products in the field of basic chemistry, introduced the software Trace.WMS for the management of warehouse operations…

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Kovinoplastika Benda d.o.o.: For each grain of granulate, we know in which product it was incorporated

In the company Kovinoplastika Benda, they introduced an advanced system for tracking and monitoring goods in the warehouse and production, which they believe is their best investment. Kovinoplastika Benda is a family company with a 40-year tradition. The company, which employs around 130 employees, specialized in injection molding and assembly of products and product components…

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